Everything You Need to Know About P. Diddy’s Amazing Yacht From The Price To The Starlets Who Party On It

Spencer Cain

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The place to be on New Year’s Eve this year (and pretty much every year, for that matter) was St. Barts. The Caribbean island is always host to the elite, in every industry from fashion to finance. To ring in 2013, everyone who mattered sipped Dom Pérignon at Roman Abramovich and his girlfriend Dasha Zhukova’s annual bash, but there was something they were all doing before that—hanging aboard the glorious yacht pictured above, belonging to the music mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs!
Obviously, whenever we see a lavish celebrity purchase (like Taylor Swift’s private plane), we need to investigate. Without further adieu, everything you need to know about P. Diddy’s outrageous yacht!
1. The yacht’s name is Oasis, and it is a whopping 59.4m (194.88ft). P. Diddy reportedly snagged the superyacht from Eric Smidt, the executive chairman of Google, for around $72 million.
2. Oasis is a Lürssen yacht, one of the world’s most famous yacht brands. Their slogan is “Yachts built on family bonds since 1875,” which essentially means that you have to be really rich and really classy to buy one of these bad boys.
3. The most recent shindig on Oasis started out as a party for Diddy’s son Justin, who was turning 20. Considering many of our 20th birthday parties involved vodka in a water bottle in a friend’s basement, this Ciroc-sponsored affair that drew the likes of music mogul Rick Rubin, Guy Oseary, Ne-Yo, model Lily Cole, Guy Fieri, Kim Porter, and perennial party fixture Lady Victoria Hervey was clearly quite a way to say goodbye to 2012 as well as Justin’s teen years.
4. Oasis was the scene of a major celebrity reunion: Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, who have rumored to be estranged ever since Kardashian stole Hilton’s “rich girl makes a sex tape and starts an empire” shtick and did it way better. The socialites both attended Diddy’s yacht party at the Cannes Film Festival back in May and supposedly exchanged pleasantries (aka they probably didn’t speak at all, but also didn’t throw one another overboard). Other guests have included Kanye West, Michelle Rodriguez, Nicky Hilton, Adrien Brody, Benicio del Toro, and of course Tara Reid, a woman who has opted to drink on yachts around the world in lieu of having an acting career (yes, we went there).
5. Rather surprisingly there’s plenty of family friendly fun on Diddy’s yacht. His kids enjoy amenities like extravagant water toys, including an AquaGlide, which retails for over $1,699.
6. There is basically a nightclub on board. See below. No further comments necessary.
Solemates-21-bigWas it worth $72 million? You tell us.