Diddy Drops Coffee Table Book on the Beauty of Booty

Spencer Cain

OK people, if there’s any man out there who has made his appreciation for the fine female form clear, it’s Mr. Sean “Diddy” Combs himself. The outrageously successful entrepreneur has just announced his latest venture, and chances are it’s going to thrill guys everywhere.

Diddy has dipped his toes in just about every section of the entertainment industry, but he’s shied away from the literary world until now. Culo by Mazzucco, a collaboration with photographer Raphael Mazzucco and record producer Jimmy Iovine, will be an appropriately thick coffee table book highlighting the rear ends of some the world’s most gorgeous gals. Set to hit stores on November 22nd, my guess is some of you will want to snap up an advanced copy.

At first, I was bit skeptical about this. But then I thought about it. Diddy truly is a booty expert. From numerous video vixens to his long-term relationship with Jennifer Lopez, he’s charted more skin than the average tattoo artist. And with a cheeky tagline that reads “The World Is No Longer Flat,” he’s giving a not-so-subtle shout-out to other “cheeky” pioneers like Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara.

While I’m sure some will dismiss Culo as somewhat pornographic, the photographs are artfully shot and tasteful. Oh, and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating curves. If your curiosity cup runneth over, take a look below at the slightly NSFW promotional video.

CULO – MAZZUCCO – TIMBALAND – PITBULL – GUETTA from Jeth Weinrich on Vimeo.