Did John Galliano Quit Rehab To Make Kate Moss’ Bridal Gown?

Did John Galliano Quit Rehab To Make Kate Moss’ Bridal Gown?
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Today John Galliano stood trial for his anti-Semitic rant in Paris back in February, an action that many industry insiders believe will destroy his illustrious career forever. However, a small tidbit in The Telegraph today is hinting that Galliano might be plotting a comeback in one of the most highly-publicized ways possibledesigning Kate Moss‘ wedding dress, as the model had originally intended.

The Telegraph‘s transcription of the trial states:

“[Galliano] said he began a rehabilitation programme in The Meadows clinic in Arizona straight after his arrest, then two months in a Swiss clinic. ‘I am still in day care but feeling much better,’ he added.”

However, another article in today’s paper notes that his most recent whereabouts have been “unknown,” fueling rumours that he’s been hiding out at “the atelier of a leading fashion designer in New York working on Kate Moss’ wedding dress.”

Obviously this is still speculation, but it seems kind of karmic that Kate Moss would help to give Galliano a second chance since she’s no stranger to a career-disrupting scandal. Then again, she didn’t proclaim her love for Hitler, she just partied a little too hard.

Do you think Galliano deserves this shot at redemption?


Courtroom sketches via Huffington Post