Diane von Furstenberg Finally Speaks On Galliano-Gate

Kerry Pieri

There were a lot of people whose opinion we didn’t necessarily care to hear from on John Galliano’s anti-Semitic, public, videotaped rant. But CFDA President and, more importantly, powerful Jewish woman in fashion, Diane von Furstenberg, is someone we really wanted to hear from. She finally voiced an opinion on The Gayle King Show, via HuffPo.

Oprah’s BFF asked the tough question What do you think of John Galliano?

I think that we’ve learned that Diane doesn’t pull punches. She may apologize later, but if the designer takes issue with M’Obama’s McQueen dress, she’s not staying mum. If someone sees a 15-year old on her runway, she’ll make a statement. DVF’s take on Galliano is actually quite balanced, responding, “Clearly, as a daughter of a Holocaust survivor, I find what he said absolutely unacceptable. Having said that, I think he was provoked and he was clearly not in a normal state.” This actually echoes Franca Sozanni‘s response more than I would have thought it would. Obviously, Galliano is paying the price for his words and actions dude lost his job but is inebriation an excuse for the level of hatred he expressed?

View the whole clip below.

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