DIANA F+ Mr. Pink lomography camera


Object Of Desire

DIANA F+ Mr. Pink lomography camera, $96.79, at colette.fr

Reason #1

When Polaroid did the unthinkable and discontinued its famous instant camera, everyone in the fashion world trembled. While technically an analog camera, the Diana F. + Mr. Pink evokes the same retro chic feelings as the Polaroid.

Reason #2

Because the Diana F + Mr. Pink Lomography camera is vignetted with an incredibly chic medium-squared frame that allows any novice to look like Scott Schuman. And while many can’t compare to The Sartorialist, we can still give it a try.

Reason #3

Sometimes reminiscing about the “good ole days” when analog cameras were all the rave is good for the soul. Everyone has a digital camera now, but we can’t forget where we came from, now can we?

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