Diamonds 101: Top 10 Diamond Cuts

Lorein Abenhaim

shapes cuts Diamonds 101: Top 10 Diamond CutsWhile diamonds can’t be created they can be shaped. Considering diamonds start in the rough, shape is one of the few aspects that can be manipulated. From earrings to engagement rings, the shape of a diamond defines the style of a jewelry piece. Here, the ten different diamond shapes.
Round: By far the most popular shape, likely because round diamonds offer more flexibility when crafting cut, color, and clarity grades. Fun fact: Over 75 percent of diamonds sold are round.
Princess: In second place for most popular is the well-known princess shape. More often than not you see these square shaped diamonds on engagements rings. With the right diamond this shape can really be made for a princess.
Emerald: This shape creates a large flat surface, emphasizing the clarity of a diamond. If you plan on getting an emerald shape, make sure the diamond has at least an SI clarity grade.
Asscher: Similar to the emerald shape, except more square. The large flat surface makes clarity just as important. Also consider color, as any hints of yellow will be most visible in the corners.
Radiant: With its trimmed corners and more facets than the emerald shape, the radiant is an elegant choice for all kinds of jewelry. Whether it’s on a ring or a necklace, the versatility of a radiant diamond makes this shape most jeweler’s favorite. We recommend pairing it with round side diamonds.
Cushion: Square-like with rounded corners, this shape offers a traditional look. Having generally larger facets, this shape allows for a lot of shine. On that note, make sure cushion diamonds have exceptional clarity.
Pear: For those who like to be different, this is your ideal diamond shape. With an overall round shape and a stretching tip, pear shaped diamonds stand out. They look excellent on a ring, as they are known to make a finger look more slender.
Oval: This symmetrical shape is quite similar to the round shape, but elongated and seen less frequently. This shape had a brief revival when it was featured as Bella’s engagement ring in the Twilight Saga.
Marquise: What’s great about this shape is how it maximizes size. Its natural length makes a diamond look bigger, giving you some extra bling bling appeal. We recommend marquise diamonds be paired with pear shaped side stones.
Heart: This shape is popular for both solitaire pendants as well as rings. Heart shaped diamonds less than .50 carats may not be a good choice, since the heart shape is difficult to perceive in smaller diamonds, especially after they are set in prongs.