Detox! Clean Up Your Life With These 4 Simple Tips



Last time around, I talked about great diet recipes to get you on your way to a summer glow. But while what we consume is key to healthful living (80% of our immune systems rest within our digestive tract), it’s also important to consider what we put on our bodies as well. While we can all do our part in general pollution matters, we can also do our best to minimize our day-to-day toxins. Here are four easy lifestyle tips to get you on your way:

Make it a habit to use only natural and organic skin and hair care products and makeup. (John Masters Organics haircare or Dr. Hauschka cosmetics and moisturizers are a couple good options.)

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Blackthorn body wash ($26.50), Body silk ($33), SPF 20 sunscreen cream ($35) all by Dr. Hauschka, available at

Second skin. Clothing is always on our skin, which is the body’s largest organ. Try to minimize the amount of toxins being absorbed by our skin by opting for organic, simple non-toxic cleaning and laundry products. (We love Ecover’s laundry products the light, lovely scents certainly help.)

Remember that our carpets and paint contribute to our toxic overload and choose low or no VOC paints and if given the choice of carpet or wood (or a similar and sustainable flooring like bamboo) try to avoid the carpet.

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Try these zero-VOC matte paints by Green Depot. $2.99-$4.95 for 4 oz sample pots, at Green Depot NYC

Finally, and maybe most importantly, consider the thoughts in our heads, as the less toxic (negative) they are, the less toxic your body will be. A yoga class is always a great option to clear your mind or simply a quiet moment of meditation each day.

Dr. Alejandro Junger is a New York City/ Los Angeles based cardiologist and detoxification specialist. He is the creator of the Clean Program, a 21-day detox program designed for people with a busy lifestyle.

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