A Desperate Plea From Avid Shoppers: Standard Sizing Please!

Jamie Rose

Every designer and brand sizes their clothing differently. Just because you may be a size eight in one store doesn’t mean you will be that exact same size in another. It’s a simple fact of our fashion lives that we all have to face.

Recently, The Daily Mail posted an article depicting how any sort of standard sizing for clothing simply does not exist in England. They used a fit model that is a US size ten in dresses (pictured above) to show how different every retailer is. For example, the model had to go up to a US size twelve at French Connection, but was able to go down to a US size six at the UK retailer Marks and Spencer. Topshop was one of the only stores where she found a perfect fit. This is the reason why some women refuse to buy clothing online they need to try everything on for size.

But a more alarming issue is at hand here body image. When a woman travels from store to store and sees that her clothing size varies, she’s going to think that her body isn’t perfect. It doesn’t help that store mannequins and even models in advertisements are of unrealistic proportions. Plus, most female celebrities portray slender body frames and exude the notion that they can simply slip into any item of clothing and have it fit perfectly.

Yes, we could sit here and tell you that we all need to work towards feeling better about our body image. But don’t you think shopping for your size and shape would be so much easier if there was some sort of standard sizing that all designers had to adhere to? Do you think this is a plausible concept? Or will we have to resign ourselves to a lifetime of size jumping and dressing room meltdowns?

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail