At My Desk: Jewelry Designer Leeora Catalan Keeps a Stone Chart and Her Cat Nearby

Sharon Feiereisen

AMD-Cover_Leeora-CatalanYou can tell a lot about a person by snooping through their desk: Are they the tchotchke type, or the gold-plated staples type? Do they scribble their thoughts in a Moleskine notebook, or Postalco?
Noir Jewelry designer and founder Leeora Catalan’s pieces are known for their playful exuberance, so it’s fitting that her New York City office is colorfully upbeat and filled with countless travel, flea market, and eBay finds. Here, a look at what is on her desk.
1. Emoticon Pendant Necklace“This necklace is from our Pop Culture collection. I pulled it to wear later because it’s how I’m feeling today!” exclaimed Catalan.
2. Notepad. “I try to always keep a notepad close because if I don’t, I end up writing things down on random papers and I never find them again.”
3. Leeora’s Cat. “This is OG—Original Gangsta,” says Catalan. “He likes to be the center of attention so if more than one person is in my office he usually joins us.”
4. Sunflowers. “I try to always have fresh flowers on my desk…they make me happy,” Catalan shared. “The vase is an eBay find.”
5. Jewelry Samples. “I always have jewelry on my desk,” says Catalan. “It tends to be a mix of things we’re working on, things I want to wear, and things people have left on my desk and forgotten about.”
6. Figurines. “I don’t remember where I got these two guys…some flea market a million years ago,” says Catalan. “My aesthetic has changed over the years, but those two have stayed with me from desk to desk. I keep my pencils, pens, and scissors in the slots in the back.”
7. Stone Chart. “Spring 2014 will have some semi-precious pieces, so I have a stone chart on my desk to figure out what colors we want to go with,” Catalan shared.
8. Apple Computer. “I love my new computer,” Catalan exclaimed. “I just got it yesterday so I’ve been going through old documents as I transition things over from my PC. It’s so funny to see old party lists, food lists…I even found an old invoice from Marc Jacobs dating back to 2001 when we made some jewelry for his show!”
9. Substitute Mouse Pad. “I’ve actually never used a mouse pad. My kids’ school student directory seems to work just fine!”
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