At My Desk: EBoost’s Co-Founder Has a Fantasy Yacht and Gadgets Galore

Sharon Feiereisen

AMD_Josh-Taekman_CoverYou can tell a lot about a person by snooping through their desk: Are they the tchotchke type, or the gold-plated staples type? Do they scribble their thoughts in a Moleskine notebook, or Postalco? Our At My Desk series offers an up-close-and-personal glimpse at some seriously stylish office spaces.
With a vocal fan base that includes Oprah, Amar’e Stoudemire, Heidi Klum, Martha Stewart, and many more, EBoost has quickly risen to the top as the go-to energy supplement for those looking for an all-natural boost, minus the crash.
We stopped by company co-founder Josh Taekman’s New York City office to find out more about his fast-growing brand.
1. Bike: “I ride this bike to work sometimes. We’re a very athletic company—whether it be a Tough Mudder or a Spartan Race, we’re always doing something.”
2. Framed T-Shirts: “These are some of our very first promotional t-shirts,” Taekman shared. “We just moved into this office, so I haven’t hung them yet. My favorite one is, ‘This t-shirt was white, before I got boosted.'”
3. Trump Love: “This is from Eric Trump’s annual charity golf event, which we just attended. We were one of the sponsors, so we had the whole team out there getting everyone boosted.”
4. Family Photo: “That’s an old family picture. My son is five now and was one in the picture. The funny thing about it is that I came to work one day to find that my assistant had Photoshopped my younger daughter into the frame!”
5. EBoost: “I have one shot in the morning 15 minutes before I workout,” explains Taekman. “I keep it in the fridge so it’s nice and chilled and then, because I’m always thinking about promoting the brand, I wait until I get into the crowded subway. I want as many people as possible to see me drinking it. I almost always leave the empty bottle on top of that map by the subway entrance so everyone walking by can see it. Around 5 p.m. I’ll mix a powder over ice with a squeeze of lemon.”
6. Computers: “I use the laptop as a keyboard,” Taekman explained.
7. Yacht Inspiration: “I keep this picture for inspiration. It reminds me why I work so hard. I don’t even need to own this yacht. I would just love to be able to lease it three weeks out of the year.”
8. Gadgets: “I just got the Note III and the new Samsung watch—it’s very Inspector Gadget. I also have their camera, which takes amazing pictures and lets you connect to Wi-Fi so you can wirelessly send them.”
9. Products In Development: “These are a few flavors we’re potentially launching as Whole Foods exclusives early next year. The Berry-Melon shot launches everywhere this month. Next to that is a washboard listing out all the upcoming internal and external events as well as sweepstakes that we have coming up.”
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