At My Desk: Details’ Fashion Director Depends on an “Old School” Rolodex

Blair Pfander

AMD_ARTICLE_2You can tell a lot about a person by snooping through their desk: Are they the tchotchke type, or the gold-plated staples type? Do they scribble their thoughts in a Moleskine notebook, or Postalco?
Matthew Marden, Fashion Director of stylish men’s mag, Details, stocks his desk with inspiration-seeking tools, including European magazines, his trusty laptop and even an “old school” Rolodex.
1. Computer. “Obviously, I use this for office emails, blah blah blah, but my main thing is I’m constantly searching the web for inspiration photos,” explains Marden. “I’m always on for runway images, and then often times I’ll Google scenes from old movies that are inspiring for me and I’ll screen grab pictures.”
2. Diptyque Candles. “I love Diptyque candles because they smell nice but still feel masculine and and not overpowering. Unlike most candles, these don’t give me a headache. I love the ‘Feu de Bois’ fragrance.”
3. iPhone. “I live on my iPhone. I was one of the last people in the world to get one—I was a Blackberry boy for years—and I’m not going to lie, it’s game-changer. It’s just so much better. I’m always on my phone, whether I’m Instagramming or Tweeting. All my contacts are in it, so it’s sort of become my mobile office.”
4. Camera. “I use a Canon PowerShot S100. I take a lot of pictures when I’m in showrooms, and I also use it for model go-tos. It fits in my pocket so it’s super easy—I can just take it out and point and shoot.”
5. Rolodex. “I know it’s sort of dated, but for me, this is a necessity. I have so many cards in here from people I’ve worked with over the years. I’m a bit old school, I suppose.”
6. Photos. “That’s [a picture] of me and my boyfriend, Bobby. It was taken at the beginning of our relationship, and now we’ve been together for eight and a half years!”
7. Magazines. “I’m constantly looking at European mens fashion magazines,” says Marden. “I find them really inspirational. I love Vogue Homme in particular. That’s a huge one for me.”
Photography by: Jaquelin Dianne