What 25 New York Fashion Week Designers Really Think of Street Style

If there’s one thing that’s become abundantly clear over the last few years of New York Fashion Week, it’s that street style has almost as prominent a role in it all as the actual runway shows. The fervor surrounding street style at Fashion Week came to fever pitch a couple months ago, when the organizers of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week announced that they would be inviting fewer fashion bloggers and street style stars to runway shows.

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But fewer invites doesn’t mean fewer participants; the Plaza of Lincoln Center is still swarming with photographers and peacockers alike, and they can be seen outside pretty much every major Fashion Week show and event. All this to-do made us wonder: what do the designers think of it all?

To that end, we approached 25 major NYFW designers and asked them one question: “Street style: more, more, more, or enough already?” Read on for their responses!

street style1 What 25 New York Fashion Week Designers Really Think of Street Style

Photo: Jenny Norris

” [We] Love street style in general, but not the fashion week circus outside Lincoln Center.”
—Danielle and Jodie Snyder, Dannijo

“More, more, more.”
—Monique Lhuillier

“More! New spaces though, new people, please, something new! Let’s go on a trip?”
—Katie Gallagher
 I love seeing how real humans style their wardrobe. SO MORE MORE MORE!
—Lindsey Degen, DEGEN

“Always more. Street fashion inspires me as I am sure it inspires many other designers.”
—Rachel Roy

“Street style is not my focus. Right now I am totally looking for inside style.”

“I think I would like to see a little bit more glamour, a little bit more sparkle. I’m loving all the furs though. That’s kind of a hot accessory right now.”
—Phillipe Blond of The Blonds

—Dennis Basso

“Can’t help but to want to capture good style, but most are looking either too exaggerated or too styled, no?”

“I’m fascinated by the real street fashionthe kind I see when I walk around. The street photography stuff that is everywhere is starting to get on my nerves.”
Christine Alcalay

“The more the merrier.”
—Whitney Pozgay, WHIT

“Lincoln Center Fountain is a show in and of itself.”
Fiona Kotur

“Enough already, unless it’s someone we don’t all know already wearing something crazy inspiring.”
Kaelen Haworth, KAELEN

“More, more, more—as long as it is tasteful and well executed.”
Tadashi Shoji

“More, more, more!”
—Betsey Johnson

Forever more! Express yourself and inspire others.
—Karolyn Pho

—Lubov Azria

“Enough already!”
—Jill Stuart

Bibhu Mohapatra

“I love it.”
—Cynthia Rowley

“Moreit’s inspiring!”
Rebecca Taylor

“I love people that dress up to be seen especially when they don’t take themselves too seriously.”
Elizabeth Giardina, 10 Crosby

“We all feel tired with some things at the moment, but to be honest if you look at all social media, you’ll see much more street style photos than editorials. I think as much as everybody loves editorials, we’re inspired still by girls who look like us.”
—Garance Doré

“More, more more… I love public displays of style.”
Michelle Smith, Milly

“Enough already. People try too hard to get noticed and it gets annoying. Lets get back to beautiful classics.”
—Rolando Santana

—Jay Godfrey

—”More, more, more”
—Pamella Roland

 “I love [street style star] Nick Wooster!”
Stefan Miljanic, Gilded Age

“Somewhere in between.”
Rebecca Minkoff

“More! I still love it.”
—Jonathan Simkhai

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