Designer Vault Has the Biggest Collection of Vintage Chanel Bags in the Country

Designer Vault Has the Biggest Collection of Vintage Chanel Bags in the Country
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As far as designer splurges go, nothing beats a Chanel bag. At once classic, well-made, and—of course—a dream to look at, there’s something about the iconic French fashion house that makes fashion lovers’ hearts beat a little faster. If you agree, then you may want to literally hold into that heart of yours, because we’re about to introduce you a website that has the biggest collection of Chanel bags in the country.

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Designer Vault is a luxury e-commerce consignment boutique that—among many other brands—happens to have a selection of Chanel bags that’s pretty staggering. We’re talking one-of-a-kind, rare, and classic styles that are basically a bag fetishist’s dream.

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So, how does the site get their collection? What do they look for? Can you sell your stuff? To answer those questions are more, we caught up with Designer Vault’s founder Christina Samoylov. Read on for some cool info on the designer consignment biz, and click through the gallery to see a selection of the site’s rare Chanel bags!

StyleCaster: Why did you decide to launch an online consignment shop?
Since I was young, I’ve been a bit of a tech nerd swapping and selling my clothes on sites like Laundromatic.netlong before the likes of Poshmark & Threadflip existed.

That passion later grew into an eBay business in high school, which carried through college, until I reached a point where I realized buying and selling on a small scale wasn’t scalable. So, I asked myself “how can I do what I love, live the life I love from wherever I want to be?” [And that was] the beginnings of Designer Vault, a concept I can operate from virtually anywhere in the world that gives me the ability to live the life I had always dreamed of (sleeping in a sea of Chanel, check) and utilized my many years of experience as an juvenile e-commerce whiz.

What requirements do you have for accepting items?
All items accepted must be authentic. We take this very seriously and have professional in-house authenticators as well as a third party authentication service we vet all merchandise through before it is posted on the site.

What’s your personal favorite piece you’ve ever come across?
That’s a tough one but, hands down it would have to be the Chanel ‘Bible’ clutch (see gallery). Our client doubled her money on this vintage beauty and to this day I have not seen another one like it on the market!

What item would you love to see cross your desk one day?
A vintage Rolex Stella with a pink face from the ’70s. I’ve been wanting one for ages but it’s quite a bit out of my budget at a cool $25,000.

Have you ever consigned for anyone famous?
Yes, we’ve had celebs—including those that like to habitually stick their tongue out to the world renowned fashion designers.

Whose closet would you love to raid?
I see closets I’d love to raid every day however, @upcloseandstylish has a great sense of style on Instagram, I’d love to get into her closet!

Why should people buy consignment, rather than retail?
You can by a pre-loved Chanel jumbo flap for $3,950 consignment or pay $5,000+ at the store. So, you just saved yourself a thousand or so dollars and then when you go to sell, guess what? Chanel prices will have increased and you’ll likely make close to what you paid for you bag? It’s like buying a Chanel for 1/10th of the price.

How did you manage to land the biggest collection of Chanel bags in the U.S.? There has to be a story there!
We were fortunate enough to have a client sell her entire collection with us, and luckily she has extremely good taste! Hence, the influx of Chanel which we plan to focus on curating a strong product assortment of Chanel moving forward.