Designer on Designer Hate Crimes – Next Up: Giorgio Armani

Kerry Pieri

Yesterday, word on the fashion blog street was all that smack talking Alaia was doing on Karl Lagerfeld “I dont like his fashion, his spirit, his attitude. Its too much caricature. Karl Lagerfeld never touched a pair of scissors in his life.”

Today, Giorgio Armani is taking his turn ravaging the reputations of well loved designers. Armani says that the fashion industry is now “in the hands of “high finance” That point could be argued, but then he gets personal.

“I dont have debts. Instead, Pradas problem is that they have to pay back the money that the banks spent to build up the brand,” Armani said, referring to the recent investments Prada accepted, continuing, “There are thousands of ways to make money. But for me, I dont want to wind up having to knock on the door of some Thai managers to explain myself.”

OK, so it’s never nice to talk about money, but then Armani really hits where it hurts, saying, Miuccia Prada was “ingenious” for her “irony…and bad taste that becomes chic.” Also adding in that her collections are “sometimes ugly,” but still manage to get good press, saying, vaguely, “You know why…” Prada is classy and staying mum on the comments.

Hasn’t anyone ever taught these kids not to say anything at all if they have nothing nice to say? It’s just bad form.

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Photos: Giorgio Armani Fall 2011, Prada Fall 2011, ImaxTree