Would You Rather: Have a Designer Leather Jacket By Saint Laurent or Balmain?

Meghan Blalock

leather jackets 3

Around here, we’re endlessly talking about all the bags, the shoes, and other luxury delights we’d buy if we had an unlimited budget (ah, the dream!). So, we decided to take that idea and make it into a fun fashion game for you, our readers, in which we ask: Would you rather buy one designer item over the other, and if so, which one? Read on to get started!

The Contenders: One of the items we consistently fantasize about having in our closets during this time of year is a ridiculously luxurious, designer leather jacket. These are two strong contenders: Saint Laurent’s classic leather motorcycle jacket, on the left, and Balmain’s more modern ribbed leather number in the opposing corner.

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The Prices: Let’s be clear, neither of these jackets are anywhere near our price ranges. (This is a game, remember?) Hedi Slimane’s leather motorcycle jacket for Saint Laurent, with its smattering of zippers and studs, would run you $4,064 on Far Fetch. Balmain’s leather creation, composed of 100% lamb skin, would cost you a steeper $7,150 on S Sense.

So, which would you rather have? Vote below!

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