Designer Kimberly Ovitz on Sexy Spring Looks and The Perfect T-Shirt

Laurel Pinson

Fashion designer Kimberly Ovitz has her share of A-list clients (Cameron Diaz, Rihanna, and Chloe Sevigny among them), but her popularity isn’t based on her collections’ flash appeal. On the contrary, it’s Ovitz’s classic, no-frills approach to dressing that has won her fans on both coasts.

The layout of the designer’s Tribeca studio and offices reflect her pared-down aesthetic: the space is industrial, minimally decorated, and seriously chic. The designer herself greeted Orly Shani wearing her self-described uniform, comprised of all-black clothing, biker boots, and no makeup. (She even refused an offer of a makeup touch-up—this is one talent who is a real believer in the art of natural beauty.) “I wear a T-shirt and jeans every day,” she jokes. In fact, Ovitz’s version of taking it up a notch is just a dose of bold red lipstick.

In this video, Ovitz tells Orly Shani some of her secrets to creating show-stopping spring looks that are sexy without being fussy, and also shows some of the latest looks from her Spring 2013 collection, which is just hitting stores now.

Try the Trend! In this episode of “The Unexpected Insider,” Ovitz professes her love for a real wardrobe staple—the perfect T-shirt. Ovitz herself has designed a super-soft version that’s pretty much perfect, and increasingly, high-profile designers like Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler have unveiled their own takes on the wardrobe essential, featuring slouchy silhouettes and original prints.

Finding inspiration on how to mix high and low pieces is easier than ever. For your own twist on the look, try combining a simple t-shirt with an upscale cocktail skirt, or pair a classic button-down with a pair of brocade pants or a leather pencil skirt and bright heels.