Designer Discounts at…Costco?


Shopping at Costco has surely changed. The days of crazed women stocking up on huge boxes of cereal, gallons upon gallons of iced tea, and toilet paper that would last about year, just might be over. Picture Upper East Side women flocking to Costco, but not for the food; instead, for high fashion. The best clothing you used to be able to find in a Costco would be a bulk pack of sweat socks for the gym, but like I said shopping, at Costco has surely changed.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this quilted Chanel bag perched above a Speedy Vuitton bag, both with price tags prominently displayed. Apparently, the new Costco on 116th in New York City is now selling designer goods at a discount. The Chanel bag will run you $1,999, Burberry’s mini satchel for $1,019.99, Tod’s medium shopper handbag for $549.99 and a Ferragamo “Marissa” handbag for $629.99.

The $50 membership to shop at Costco just might get bumped up, now that they’re handling some pretty couture goods. Will you be heading uptown to snag the latest designer steals among the crowds of economical shoppers?