Designer Cigarettes: Can I Bum a YSL?

Kerry Pieri

I am in no way here to promote smoking, but as an aesthetic person, you have got to appreciate how pretty these YSL cigarettes look. That black and gold, it’s like the Opium bottle in cancer-causing form.

Apparently, many fashion houses license their names for cigarettes, much like they might for shoes, handbags, or the aforementioned perfume. Givenchy, Versace, Pierre Cardin, Christian Lacroix and Cartier have also been in the tobacco game at one point or another, via lending their brand cach and logo for the cause (for cash, of course), not by, you know, starting a tobacco farm or something.

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These “luxe” versions of cigarettes are mainly available in Asia and Russia and as expected, they’re marketed primarily at women. I don’t want to buy them to smoke them, but I do kind of have a Pavlov’s dog-esque response to that pretty YSL logo. Oh, marketing.

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