With Dolce and Gabbana releasing a leopard print bike this summer, we round up five designer bikes and their alternative.

5 Designer Bicycles and Their Budget-Friendly Alternatives

Sydney Scott
5 Designer Bicycles and Their Budget-Friendly Alternatives
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Now that summer is here, we’re dubbing it unofficial bicycle season. (We know some folks are brave enough to ride their wheels in the winter, but we’re definitely not). We’re firm believers that summer is the time for aimless rides around the city while pretending we’re in a music video for our favorite summer jams (admit it — you know you’ve done it too).

For those of us who like to do everything in style, finding the perfect bike can be just as daunting of a task as finding the perfect pair of denim shorts. Luckily, we’ve managed to do a little work for you.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of stylish bikes that features five stunning designer bikes (like one from kooky Uncle Karl) as well as their more budget-friendly alternatives. Now you can enjoy the summer weather and also cruise in style.

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Trust Dolce & Gabbana to make summer's sexiest bike. (Yes, sexy!) Somehow they've managed to make harmless cruiser seem like wildest bike to ever roam the streets. But, be warned, the price tag is just as wild.

Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Print Bike, $2,236, at select Dolce & Gabbana boutiques

Photo: www.highsnobette.com/

Hollandia's leopard city cruiser might not be as sexy, but it's certainly just as fun. What's more: it's markedly more wallet-friendly. 

Hollandia City Leopard Bike, $264, at Cruiser Bikes

Photo: www.cruiserbikes.com/

We're actually surprised at how sporty this Gucci bike is. We're not, however, surprised by the price.

Bianchi by Gucci Carbon Urban Bike, $14,000, at Gucci

Photo: www.gucci.com/

What's a girl to do when she can't afford Gucci? Buy something similar, like this sporty green option, for less than $300.

2012 Diamondback Kalamar Hybrid Street Bike, $249.98, at Performance Bike

Photo: www.performancebike.com/

This limited-edition Fairdale bicycle isn't too expensive, especially considering it's limited-edition (not to mention eye-catching), but it's still out of many folks' price ranges.

Limited Edition Fairdale Bike x Roger Skateboarding "Roger" Bike, $800, at Fairdale Bikes

Photo: www.complex.com/

Luckily, we did the digging for you. Urban Outfitters lets you build your own bike without the large price tag, and also offers decidedly eye-popping color combinations.

Urban Outfitters Build Your Own Bike, $399-499, at Urban Outfitters

Photo: www.urbanoutfitters.com/

Karl Lagerfeld created a bike for Chanel and it's covered in quilted leather. Quilted leather!

City Cruiser Bike by Chanel, $17,000, at select Chanel boutiques

Photo: www.chanel.com/

For those who can't afford Chanel, this sophisticated and elegant alternative from Schwinn is less than $350.

Schwinn Signature Cream One-Speed, $345, at Schwinn Bikes

Photo: www.schwinnbikes.com/

Remember the craziness that was Missoni for Target? For those of
you who were driven enough to buy up everything and list it on eBay for
10 times the price, good for you. Alas, the collection is now not so good for the rest of us (albeit seriously chic).

Missoni for Target Bike, $600-1,000, at eBay

This Trek cruiser is the answer to your prayers if you're searching for an alternative to those Missoni cruisers. Sure, you don't get the signature Missoni print, but you do get a similar silhouette and you can always get crafty with some Sharpie markers or colorful duct tape.

Classic Steel Deluxe Women's Bike, $359.99, at Trek Bikes

Photo: www.trekbikes.com/

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