A Designer Handbag Vending Machine? Believe It

Valeria Nekhim

Interview Instagram JPEGHow would you feel if it was 4 p.m. and you were heading to your nearest vending machine to satisfy a sugar craving only to discover in place of Skittles and Snicker bars, it was stocked with little black bags from luxury labels like Alexander McQueen, Dior and Hermès? Are you drooling yet?

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If we could afford such treats, our perfect world would definitely include such a machine, which is probably what the folks at Interview magazine were thinking when they posted said “dream” apparatus onto their Instagram after featuring it in their September issue. Genius, no?

However, as far fetched as this idea sounds, it’s actually not that insane considering the amount of unconventional machines in existence. For instance, at the swanky Mondrian hotel in South Beach Miami, people (read: wealthy jet setters) can purchase 24-karat gold handcuffs, Corvettes, and gowns by Jean Paul Gaultier. No big deal.

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Meanwhile, in Japan, where a high premium is placed on convenience, it’s entirely normal to buy eggs, lobsters and bras from vending machines. And perhaps you’ve come across one of the flip-flop and ballet slipper selling machines that have made their way into night clubs around the globe? Our feet are certainly grateful.

If money wasn’t an issue, would you consider purchasing a designer handbag from a vending machine? You’d be saving those calories, after all.

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