Peek Into a Dermatologist’s Medicine Cabinet

Blair Pfander

derm145072633thumbnail Peek Into a Dermatologists Medicine CabinetWe can’t help but feel a pang of jealousy whenever we go to the dermatologist’s office. There you sit, without makeup, strange dark marks and unfortunate forehead creases exposed, being inspected at alarmingly close range by a woman that—although twenty years your senior—has the skin of a rosy-cheeked eleven-year-old.
Which is why we were so entranced when we got the chance to go on a tour of Dr. Sherry Shieh’s medicine cabinet via this Daily Candy video. Most of her products are relatively inexpensive (no $400 La Mer stuff) and can be bought at the local drug store.
Porcelain romance-novel complexions, here we come.
How do you keep your skin glowy?