Derek Lam Sues Ivanka Trump – Bah Humbhug!

Liz Doupnik

Alright, let’s be honest, we love a good Zara or H&M find. Although we dream of wearing head-to-toe designer, we’re not Daphne Guinness. Yes, it just so happens that sometimes the pieces we buy resemble the real thing we saw walking down the runway, but alas, we can’t all drop $2K on a sweater just because it’s starting to get chilly.

But, everyone has a line, and it seems like Ivanka Trump totally crossed it. Doh. A designer at Derek Lam was cruising through Bloomingdale’s and noticed a replica of their Ayami wedge, which just so happens to be pretty much awesome. Okay, this ‘replica’ is not just inspired by the Derek Lam footwear, it’s a total copy.

Clearly, this ticked off the powers that be at Lam, who sent the opposite of a Christmas card — a Cease and Desist letter — to Trump’s licensing company, Marc Fischer Footwear. Should be interesting to see who is going to shamelessly sprint to retailers before the shoes get pulled off the shelves (they have seven business days to do so).

What do you think? Will you be grabbing the knock-offs or are you totally against the whole thing? Answer the poll and tell us what you think!

Photo courtesy of Sipa.

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