Depeche Mode Headlined Friday Night at Lollapalooza


Earlier this summer, Depeche Mode was forced to cancel some of their summer tour shows after lead singer David Gahan was hospitalized with gastroenteritis. However, Gahan has recovered and the band was able to perform as the Friday night headliners at Lollapalooza this weekend.

Depeche Mode debuted their full length album “Speak and Spell” in 1981 and on average the crowd at Lollapalooza was born in 1986. Needless to say, you have to be a genuine musical gem to have this kind of popular long-time standing. It is not just any front man who can remain a legitimate rock star in a leather vest without any shirt on underneath. Oh, yes. Gahan went there. Whatever, Gahan has just reached that level where you can prowl on stage, dance ridiculously and consistently induce musical rioting in a crowd.

The setlist for Depeche Mode’s performance spanned over their musical career which has also spanned over many musical genres from new age to synth-pop. Depeche Mode riled the crowd with cued sing-a-longs compete with holding the mic out– the live equivalent of the ball bouncing over the words.

Depeche Mode is playing tonight at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington.

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