Denise Richards on Her New Movie, Fashion Splurges & Family

Spencer Cain

denise richards headshot1 Denise Richards on Her New Movie, Fashion Splurges & Family

Denise Richards is a woman who does it all. Between raising three daughters (two from ex-husband Charlie Sheen, whom she maintains an incredibly close relationship with) and a film career that includes the recently released Madea’s Witness Protection, it’s a constant balancing act. We caught up with Denise to talk about her slew of projects — and how she stays sane and looks so chic in the process.

StyleCaster: What is something you learned from Tyler Perry during the filming of Madea’s Witness Protection?

Denise Richards: I learned that Tyler Perry is one of the hardest working people in this business. I have so much respect for him. He wrote the script, directed, and played three roles. Plus, he runs a studio!

SC: What can viewers look forward to from the film?

DR: You will laugh for 2 hours.

SC: You’ve appeared in a variety of film genres from comedies to thrillers — which one is your favorite?

DR: I like all genres, but what I remember is the experience. They’re all special moments in my life.

SC: For a busy and stressful week of premieres and press, what are your secrets to staying sane and looking great?

DR: To really enjoy the moment. I unfortunately got sick with a sore throat and cold during my press tour but kept on going. I love what I do, plus hair and makeup helps!

SC: What is your favorite recent fashion splurge?

DR: My summer dresses from alice + olivia.

SC: You seem to have a flawless sense of balance between family and career — what is your advice to people who struggle with that?

DR: Oh gosh, I wish it were flawless. I think the biggest thing is to take the pressure off yourself to have it perfectly balanced. It’s not always that way and at times something gives. I’m lucky that my job allows me to bring my children. During my week of promoting the movie in New York, I brought my girls. They came to my premiere and we had a fun week in NY. When I’m filming, they travel with me. For quick trips I usually leave them with my dad so I don’t disrupt their activities and school. It depends — but I’m always juggling everything.

SC: What projects can we look forward to from you in the near future?

DR: I just finished an episode of Charlie’s show, Anger Management. It will air this summer. I also launched my hair care line, Volume Extend, and I have some other projects going on as well!