Denise Richards: The Coolest Ex-Wife Ever

Spencer Cain

large 5 27denise1 Denise Richards: The Coolest Ex Wife Ever

Netflix Instant allows me to do crazy things. For example, a few months ago I found myself bored on a Friday night (read: I’d probably offended everyone I know somehow so was forced to deal with the company of myself). In order to remedy the situation, I decided to watch every single episode of Denise Richards: It’s Complicated. I fell in love. I guess I hadn’t thought that much about Denise Richards in the past — aside from her sexy scene in Wild Things and her amazing role in Drop Dead Gorgeous — but now that I have, I can’t get enough.

As you may know, Denise was married to notorious Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen. In fact, they even have two kids together. While many would probably shut out their ex-husband if he had a penchant for booze, hookers and that disco snow, Denise has completely embraced him. She has put family first. The two regularly tweet out pictures of themselves on family vacations in exotic destinations, and when the media is involved, they always have positive things to say about one another.

Additionally, it was announced today that Denise will have a guest starring role on Charlie’s new show, the hotly anticipated Anger Management on FX. She will play his ex. YES. It almost bums me out a little that the two couldn’t make it work as a couple, because they obviously share a lot of good things.

I wish I could be as graceful as Denise when it comes to dealing with an ex, but not all of us can be so perfect. Frankly, this is a real inspiration right here. Go get ’em, girl.

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