These 31 Out-of-the-Box Denim Pieces Will Flesh Out Your Fall Wardrobe

Lindsey Lanquist
These 31 Out-of-the-Box Denim Pieces Will Flesh Out Your Fall Wardrobe
Photo: Allison Kahler.

Though the age-old adage might have you believe diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the truth is: Denim is a girl’s best friend. Scratch that—it’s everyone’s best friend.

Denim is versatile. It’s hearty. It’s edgy. And somehow, it’s all of those things all at once. It’s a reliable staple you can turn to any time you need something to wear, trust that you’ll look great and rest assured knowing the fabric will withstand pretty much anything you subject it to.

In other words, denim is basically the Holy Grail of clothing.

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And this season, the oft-underrated neutral has gotten something of an upgrade. The fabric is no longer limited to its classic repertoire: jeans, jorts, denim jackets, denim minis and chambray shirts. Now, denim’s being rendered in all kinds of structurally fascinating silhouettes—puffy-sleeve dresses, layered pants, paperboy caps and straight-up trench coats.

Even beyond silhouette, 2018’s finest denim duds are anything but ordinary. They’re covered in paint, adorned with feathers and embroidered with colorful thread. Some of them are color-blocked, others are layered. Contemporary denim clothes are more textured, dynamic and graphic than ever—and they’re pretty much guaranteed to turn heads.

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Needless to say, we can’t wait to diversify our denim collections; our closets are practically begging for denim pieces that go beyond the standard cuts and colors.

Ahead, you’ll find 31 out-of-the-box denim pieces we’re shopping right now. Because while denim clothes should always be versatile and chic, they certainly don’t have to be boring.