Demi Lovato Just Got a New Tattoo & Its Meaning Is So Significant

Demi Lovato
Photo: Getty Images. Design: Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

Lovatics know that their idol is always vocal about her experiences—especially when it comes to mental health. It’s why Demi Lovato’s “survivor” tattoo meaning is especially powerful. That’s right. The 27-year-old singer just got some fresh ink, and it’s a direct response to everything she’s been through over the past two years. I mean, you know what they say: If you’re gonna get a tattoo, at least make it a meaningful one. We definitely think Demi’s fits the bill.

After her accidental overdose in July 2018, Demi has slowly but surely been making her way back into the spotlight. Much of that includes speaking out about her struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, depression, and body-image issues. What better way to honor the hard journey she’s been on than to get a permanent reminder of her strength? The Tell Me You Love Me songstress decided to go with the word “survivor” on her neck in delicate script—tattooed by none other than celebrity tattoo artist, Dr. Woo.

Dr. Woo took to Instagram to reveal the photo of her new body art, writing “On a real one 💪🏼🙏🏼 @ddlovato,” in the caption for his post.

It isn’t the first time Demi’s gotten a small yet mighty tattoo. She recently had the word “ME” tattooed on the inside of her ring finger. If we’re talking recovery, we know that the first person to look toward is yourself. Which is exactly why she got this tiny tat. In the caption of her Instagram photo of the tattoo, she wrote “Me first 🖤 thank you @winterstone for my new forever reminder.. #i🖤me.”

And while we’re sure the pop star is trying her best to put herself first these days, we have a feeling she’s also a little preoccupied with loving on her new beau. A few weeks ago, Demi debuted her boyfriend, Austin Wilson, on her Instagram account—and it seems they’ve been inseparable since.

Austin even attended Demi’s tattoo appointment and sat down for some new ink of his own. Who’s do you like more? No shade to Austin, but we’re going to have to go with Demi’s for most inspirational ink.