Demi Lovato Is Reportedly Back in Rehab After She Was Bullied on Twitter

Demi Lovato
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There is some drama going down in Hollywood. According to a source for The Shade Room,Demi Lovato is in rehab following her 21 Savage Twitter drama.

On February 3, 2019, as the world tuned in for the Super Bowl, Lovato took to Twitter to join in on some of the memes shared about 21 Savage’s reported arrest by ICE agents. The rapper, who has long said he was from Atlanta, was actually born in the U.K., according to Immigration and Customs Enforcements. He entered the United States in 2005 and was apparently supposed to leave the following year, but after his Visa expired, he decided to stay. 21 Savage is now facing possible deportation.

It’s very serious and an incredibly unfortunate situation all around, but the Twitter-verse, as usual, had some funny memes circulating about the whole situation. And Demi Lovato took part in the social media “fun.” In a since-deleted tweet, the “Skyscraper” singer shared a screenshot of a meme with the caption, “So far 21 savage memes have been my favorite part of the Super Bowl”

A few other memes poking fun at the rapper circulated:

But many were quick to point out that it wasn’t, in fact, a laughing matter. Cardi B’s ex-husband and current boyfriend (what a title) Offset took a stance against all the jokes: “ALL THE MEMES AND SHIT AINT FUNNY WHEN SOMEBODY GOING THROUGH SOME PRAYING FOR MY DAWG AINT SHIT FUNNY HIS FANILY DEPENDING ON HIM”.

Rapper Wale, who quoted Lovato’s since-deleted tweet added, “Why is somebody freedom funny … I don’t get the joke.”

One fan gave an answer saying, “The memes are what’s funny. Next.”

Another added, “She’s definitely laughing at the fact that he’s actually British…. the same joke everyone on twitter been making all day… and you know this.”

But some were not so forgiving, claiming that the 26-year-old singer was bullying 21 Savage while he was under arrest.

Four days ago, The Shade Room reported, “A source close to #DemiLovato confirmed she had checked herself back into a rehabilitation center in #Hawaii. We were told she admitted herself last week, shortly after people attacked her on social media for a post she made about the #ICE arrest of #21Savage.”

They also asked for people to send her prayers, but many shut that down.

One commenter said, “Yall prayers ain’t working. Sis needs to get out of Hollywood for good. She is an addict. The wind blowing too hard is enough to push someone back into their addiction.”

Another was less easy on Lovatocommenting, “People want sympathy when they do wrong or when things go wrong, but they don’t give it to others. Wow, she posted a meme that someone else created? Why you mad at her and not the people that were creating the memes?”

Yet another follower was even more critical, calling out Lovato for bullying. “Man fuck her! It was so funny to mock someone else’s situation, but we’re supposed to have zo much empathy for her…absolutely not! The jokes about both of them were funny, and if she had been a Black crackhead on the block nobody would give af about laughing at her and be “sending prayers up” it looks like she learned a valuable lesson….it ain’t so funny when the rabbit got the gun.”

A couple people stood up for the singer writing, “Going to rehab doesn’t mean she turned back to drugs… she’s getting away because people who have the same god awful mindset that you do are attacking her for LITERALLY LAUGHING AT A JOKE! Did you see the meme she laughed at? Give me a break.”

the shade room instagram demi lovato Demi Lovato Is Reportedly Back in Rehab After She Was Bullied on Twitter


Lots of turmoil in the social media world right now! It’s hard to say what crosses a line sometimes but what we know for sure? We’re sending good vibes to both Lovato and 21 Savage.