Demi Lovato Posts No-Makeup Selfie, Looks Flawless

Demi Lovato Posts No-Makeup Selfie, Looks Flawless
Photo: Getty

When celebs post no-makeup selfies and look as lovely as Demi Lovato does in the makeup-free look she just posted on Instagram, it’s hard not to wonder why they don’t just skip makeup altogether and call it a day. Alicia Keys has done just that, and though she hasn’t gotten her fellow celebs to put down the eyeliner all the way, she has certainly inspired others to post pics of themselves in their natural beauty, without a lot of makeup.

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Sure, it’s possible that Lovato is wearing a little makeup in this shot. After all, she is a celebrity with a huge following. It appears that she might be wearing fake eyelashes and/or mascara—or maybe she just has epic eyelash extensions. For her part, she claimed to be makeup-free. “No makeup, just freckles 💗,” she wrote on IG.

If she really is wearing no makeup, she definitely has a skin-care game that is on point. Her cheeks and forehead are basically glowing from within—and did we mention how adorable her freckles are? Love it, Demi. More of this, please.

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