Demi Lovato Got Real About Body Image Feels In Her First Major Interview Post-Overdose

Kim Wong-Shing
Demi Lovato
Photo: Shutterstock.

Demi Lovato gave her first real interview since her July 2018 overdose, and is it just us, or is she getting wiser and wiser? The singer opened up about body positivity and why she prefers to focus on body acceptance instead, and it makes a lot of sense. These Demi Lovato body acceptance quotes are truly a window into her mind.

In recent months, Demi has been very publicly owning the hell out of her body. Surely you caught her unedited bikini pics and brave butt selfies on Instagram? Between that and her newly dyed hair, she was giving us major self-love vibes. But as any human being with a body knows, self-love is never simple. “Body positivity” is a trendy catchphrase, but it’s not always reality for most people — including for Demi, who has struggled with eating disorders in the past. According to Demi, constant positivity isn’t really the point. These days, she’s working on accepting her body unconditionally instead.

Demi spoke about the topic at the Teen Vogue Summit in Los Angeles on Saturday. “We hear the term ‘body positivity’ all the time,” she said. “To be honest, I don’t always feel positive about my body.  Sometimes I do not like what I see. I don’t sit there and dwell on it. I also don’t lie to myself.”

Instead of trying to convince herself of how ~amazing~ she looks (like the body positivity movement encourages), Demi instead remains grateful for other aspects of her body, like her health and strength. “I don’t have to lie to myself and tell myself I have an amazing body,” she said. “All I have to say is, ‘I’m healthy.’ In that statement, I express gratitude. I am grateful for my strength and things I can do with my body. I am saying I’m healthy and I accept the way my body is today without changing anything.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder — a lot of people would be stunned to hear Demi say her body is anything short of amazing. But that’s not always how she sees herself, and she’s totally right that there needs to be space for those feelings, too. Clearly, she’s no longer going to let those feelings stop her from proudly showing off her body!