Delivery Services for Your Period Now Exist: Here Are 5 To Know

Elizabeth Narins, Women's Health

 Delivery Services for Your Period Now Exist: Here Are 5 To KnowUnless you’re in the middle of a pregnancy scare, you probably don’t look forward to getting your period. But a new slew of companies are trying to change that: Recently, several subscription services have started delivering period-themed products to your doorstep to help make that time of the month a little more, well, exciting.

The contents of each box vary from month to month and company to company, but the overall concept remains the same: to help you avoid last-minute tampon runs and maybe even give you a few goodies (often edible) that help turn your period something you kinda-sorta look forward to each month.

“No, you’re not jumping for joy that you’re getting tampons,” says Naama Bloom, CEO of HelloFlo, “but there are surprises.”

Interested in trying one? Here are 5 to know:

helloflo Delivery Services for Your Period Now Exist: Here Are 5 To Know

1. HelloFlo
In a sample box: The “light flo” package (this is the $14 option) contained 14 tampons, two pads, four panty liners, six Shriver’s saltwater taffies, two hair ties, and a fabric box to hold everything (this always comes with your first order).
$14-$18 per month


2. The Period Store
In a sample box: Two sea sponge reusable tampons, a “Go With The Flow” tote, Sister Bliss aromatherapy spray, an 18-pack of panty liners, two bags of Traditional Medicinals PMS Tea, two packs of Pacific Herbs PMS Relief Herb Pack supplements, a 5×7 print by NYC-based artist Federico Infante, an Uncle Chip’s black bean brownie, three individually wrapped doses of pain relievers, and a promo code to download a nine-track playlist.
$15-$30 per month.


3. Juniper
In a sample box: 18 assorted tampons, three pads, three panty liners, a small satin drawstring bag to hold feminine hygiene products, one personal wipe, one 10-pack of tissues, one dose of Midol, three different Numi organic tea bags, three flavored honey sticks, a small bag of Nunes Farms roasted salted pistachios, a travel-sized Golden Earth aromatherapy body wash, a small pack of Donsuemor Chocolate Madeleines, and a 100-calorie pack of 479 caramel popcorn.
$28 per month


4. My Cotton Bunny
In a sample box: Despite the somewhat off putting name, this kit includes 18 tampons, two hair clips, an Original Gourmet lollypop, two mini wooden cuticle pushers, a mini nail file, a glass nail file, and Scratch nail wraps.
$13.75 per month

leparcel Delivery Services for Your Period Now Exist: Here Are 5 To Know

5. Le Parcel
In a sample box: 19 assorted tampons, five pads, five liners, and a Me-Om mandarin lotus petal hand cream.
$15 per month (plus $5 for shipping, handling, and tax)

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