DeLay Does Dancing with the Stars


No one ever said you needed to be Mother Theresa to know how to dance, and the newest Dancing with the Stars line-up proves just that. Sure, Aaron Carter, why wouldn’t you want to dance? And Kelly Osbourne, we’re okay with it. Tom DeLay, sure! Wait…what?

Since apparently arabesques and the merengue have always been a secret passion of the former Republican Congressional leader from Texas, DeLay decided waltzing instead of well…money laundering might be a good career move. For those of you who don’t remember dear Tom, he’s more comfortable with violent outbursts than glitter-tights and ront de jambs. However, DeLay’s wife claims he’s quite good at the two-step, polka, waltz, country swing and disco. Uh-huh… maybe the Cell Block Tango…get it?

Dear Tom DeLay, Can you please choreograph a dance called The Hammer? Thanks. Love, StyleCaster.

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