Del Toro x Man Repeller Is One Awesome Collab

Laurel Pinson

Del Toro — the purveyor of kick-ass loafers and accessories for both men and women — has wowed us again. This time our jaws are dropping over their new collaboration with the one and only Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller. We all know Leandra has some serious style from top-to-bottom (no real wonder what her secret is considering the insane and painful shoe collection she has).

Well, lucky for us we’ll be able to make our feet look even better and hurt a whole lot less. Meet Del Toro’s latest collaboration with the Man Repeller: an awesome pair of smoking loafers that we’re sure everyone will love. The suede Prince Albert slippers come in burgundy, making them a great eye-catching addition to any outfit without being over-the-top. We love the two contrasting colored flamingos finished-off with the notorious Del Toro vertical stripe gracing the back.

We can’t think of an animal that screams “men get away from me!” more than a flamingo. Long necks, thick bodies and two legs as skinny as toothpicks doesn’t really exude the come-hither vibe. As an animal? Not that cute. On shoes? Absolutely fabulous! The shoes are available here. For $325 you can get a pair of the limited edition loafers (only 45 pairs are available) designed by the blogging phenomenon.

So what are you waiting for? This is one of the first collaborations of 2012, so start the year offright. Go! Go! Go! If you do get them, tweet us a picture @StyleCaster. We want to live vicariously through you.

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