December Mood Board: 12 Things to Get Excited About This Month

A new month is here, and our editorial team has been injected with all sorts of fall inspiration, making it the perfect time for the next installment of our Mood Board series.

Our interests are varied—from pop culture and music to the arts, interior design, and (of course!) fashion. Here, we’ve highlighted 12 things our editors are ecstatic about this month. Take a look, and let us know: What’s your December inspiration?



1. The Holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more, whatever holiday you’re celebrating be sure to remember what connects them all: love. Take some time over the holiday season to tell your loved ones what they mean to you.

2. Afforable Art: Most of us probably won’t be making it down to Miami for Art Basel to invest our millions in a Banksy, but we can dabble in contemporary art that’s a big closer to our price range. ArtMarkit has pieces like this Ray Geary Pill Shaped Mickey and Andy Warhol printed skateboard so that you can start your beginners collection.

3. Cheeky Exotic Clutches: We love when luxury has a sense of humor, and these exotic skin python clutches take the cake. Created by designer Gelareh Mizrahi, the so-called “The Stoned Collection” features a range pot enthusiast icons like pizza, smiley faces, and a “this is your brain on drugs” scrambled egg.

4. A Floral-Print Flask: A hip-side flask can be Santa’s Little Helper when getting through that awkward office party or dinner with the in-laws. Up the ante this season with this gorgeous floral print one.

5. Textured Leggings: It’s officially winter and you know what that means: time to cover up your legs. Forget boring old black leggings this month and try out an adventurous printed pair like these from Well Kept.

6. Healthy Holiday Snacks: Snacks around the holidays can be really tempting, even the so-called “healthy” ones like chocolate chip granola bars or mini-cupcakes. The folks at OMGranola have come up with a kitchen-cooked, preservative free granola snack that is delicious but saves you on all that extra holiday sugar.

7. Cyber Monday: Get your manicures ready! The number one day in online shopping deals is—today! From bulk items to splurging indulgences, Cyber Monday is the day to break the bank and #breaktheinternet.

8. Art Basel: The jet-set crowd takes the annual December hike down to Miami for this week-long international art festival that alternates between highly-curated art fairs and lavish beach parties. This year, expect stories about Miley Cyrus performances and Kim Kardashian art displays. Oh, and we hear the art isn’t bad, either.

9. Annie: An update on the classic musical “Annie,” this Jay-Z and Will Smith-produced comedy-drama stars  Jamie Foxx and Quevenzhane Wallis,  Opening on December 19, we bet this flick is sure to bring a lot of smiles this holiday season.

10. New Year’s Eve Resolutions: If you’re going to set (likely unrealistic) goals for yourself for 2015, we’d suggest doing it on a seriously cute notepad. Whether your resolutions are lofty—like running a marathon—or more in arm’s reach—like getting a gym membership—write them down, put them somewhere visible, and wish yourself luck!

11. A Ring That Goes With Everything: When it comes to jewelry, the mood right now is everyday, delicate, and understated. But that doesn’t have to mean boring! Spring for a ring like this one from Bonheur Jewelry, with interesting lines and unique design. Simple metals and tiny stones are a great way to make sure you can wear it with any outfit, at anytime.

12. Hot Mess Folders: As much as we love beautifully-organized things, sometimes we just can’t seem to get ourselves organized. That’s why these folders are the perfect way to keep our clutter, clean.

13. Sleep masks: It’s the end of the year and you deserve a much-needed holiday rest. Turn off the coffee machine and tell the world you’re snoozing until mother nature tells you to wake up. We think this sleeping mask from Flight 001 really gets the message across.


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