According to Our December Horoscopes, We’ll Be Closing Out 2019 With a Bang

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According to Our December Horoscopes, We’ll Be Closing Out 2019 With a Bang
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Wow, what a year. For better or for worse, 2019 came at us with great speed and intensity—much like your December 2019 horoscope. If you thought 2019 was done turning the world upside-down, then you’re as wrong as that time I thought it would be smart to go drunk paddle boarding with my very non-waterproof phone, despite several explicit warnings from my friends not to.

This month’s horoscope is going to be big for all the signs. Not only will it be an end of the year wrap-up, this December horoscope will also give us insight into the new year and all of its Big Dick 2020 Energy.

The good news is that the astrological calendar for December 2019 has a lot of favorable transits, so you can plan on forward motion and good things to come in all areas of life. (Can I get a hell, yes, baby Jesus?) Back-to-back celestial luck is not something that is always abundant in our charts, so let’s enjoy it, yes?

What Astrological Transits Will Be Happening in December 2019:

Dec. 12 has a full moon in Gemini (you’re WELCOME), which will bring to life the duality in your life (work/life balance, relationship incompatibilities, etc.) and hopefully bring the closure you’re looking for.

Venus enters Aquarius on Dec. 20, leading to unconventional solutions to problems and attraction between opposing forces (like me, my lactose intolerance and holiday party cream-based dips! Pray for me).

Dec. 26 will also have its annual solar eclipse in Jupiter, signifying abundance and good luck. Plus, a new moon in Capricorn will have you taking charge of your life and creating exactly what you want. You can’t see me right now, but I’m giving the sky a chef’s kiss. Please continue.

Keeping all of this in mind, I urge all the signs to be courageous this month. Ask for more than you’re comfortable with. Understand that hearing “no” does not constitute as a personal failure, and your mental health is just as important, if not more, than trying to stick to a joyless diet.

I hope this holiday season is full of good tidings and even better food, also friendship and family (blood or found) and absolutely all of the love that this big, juicy, world has to offer.

Your December 2019 Horoscope:

STYLECASTER | December Horoscopes 2019

Aries –

Humans are social creatures. And while we all differ on how and how often we connect, we all need at least a little something. This month, avoid hibernation and cutting yourself off from others. Notice how much better you’ll feel after connecting with someone important to you and how it influences your behavior and your compassion towards others.

STYLECASTER | December Horoscopes 2019

Taurus –

Practice patience with yourself and others this month, sweet Taurus. You have big ideas but may find executing said ideas a little more difficult. If you’re constantly disappointed in yourself for not following through, scale down and make more realistic plans. Lessen the stakes and move at your own stride.

STYLECASTER | December Horoscopes 2019


Stop committing to things that aren’t important or make you feel bad. It’s a trap we all fall into, but with honest reflection (brought to you by exercise! Meditation! Journaling! Talking to dark spirits who’ll do your bidding), you’ll find you already know what you could do less of to bring you less suffering. Practice courage. You are strong enough to take care of yourself, full stop.

STYLECASTER | December Horoscopes 2019

Cancer –

The holiday season is always a time for you and your domesticity to shine. Cozy get-togethers, quality time and gifts make December Cancer’s favorite time of year. So enjoy it! Just make sure not to overload yourself or make others’ well-beings and holiday happiness your job. It’s not all on you, Cancer. Let people show up and help.

STYLECASTER | December Horoscopes 2019


Things worth doing take time, Leo. Instead of quitting, try taking a break or finding a new angle. This year tested your resolve and willpower in so many ways—keep going. This December, things will change for the better. But only if you keep moving forward. Persistence and patience can be dull in the moment, but they are required of all great things.

STYLECASTER | November Horoscopes 2019

Virgo –

December is often a time where we are all functioning a little bit outside of our comfort zones. And in your case, that means a lack of control. Stretch and work this muscle like you would with your legs before a run. You can do that by going with the flow, checking in with yourself emotionally and understanding when you may need a break or to organize your spice rack. Soon enough you’ll get the gainz.

STYLECASTER | November Horoscopes 2019


Holidays and this time of year tend to prey on our insecurities. One way we can all succumb to their insecurities is through mass consumption. New clothes and accessories will not make you any happier; they’ll just mean you have more stuff (and less money). Same as losing ten pounds—you won’t be a better person, you’ll just weigh a little less. All things to remember while you’re walking through the aisles of Target.

STYLECASTER | November Horoscopes 2019

Scorpio –

Appreciate the present moment as much as possible, Scorpio. It’s easy to get hyper-focused on the future or on all of the things you want to do once you have the time or money to. But right now is all there is. Soak in the moments that make you feel alive and let your future self contend with whatever happens.

STYLECASTER | November Horoscopes 2019


How many times do we tell ourselves “I’ll be happy as soon as I achieve X,” only to reach our goal and find that we feel exactly the same as when we started? Changing that line of thinking is the only way to truly enjoy the process of living and to be able to enjoy the accomplishment for its own sake rather than what it represents to you.

STYLECASTER | November Horoscopes 2019

Capricorn –

Leisure, for you, can be a tough mental exercise. It doesn’t count as a break if you’ve got on a thick layer of guilt that haunts your self-care moments, like watching movies, spending the day with friends, etc. This month, allow yourself to indulge fully—mind, body, and spirit. Your to-do list won’t go anywhere, and a fully rested and happy Capricorn is formidable.

STYLECASTER | November Horoscopes 2019

Aquarius –

Manifestation can seem a little woo-woo, but truly, that shit works. Maybe not as quickly as Amazon Prime, and maybe not exactly what you ordered—but your wants are powerful. By thinking positively about what you want to attract versus obsessing over what you don’t want, you can shift your own perception enough to get what you want. This December, make the planetary alignments work for you and ask for the moon, Aquarius.

STYLECASTER | November Horoscopes 2019

Pisces –

It’s weird how spending time with the people we love can bring shame closer to the surface of our everyday life. But, there it is. And if you’re not careful, sweet Pisces, it can end up taking over your life and souring more than just family dinners. Remember that your worth is not determined by your expectations or that of others.