Debra Messing’s Awesome Advice on Dressing For Yourself

Meghan Blalock

Debra Messing is a woman who regularly wears many hats, so to speak. Currently on Broadway in “Outside Mullingar,” she’ll also portray a badass homocide detective in a new NBC dramedy that recently started filming called “The Mysteries of Laura.” Not to mention she’s a mom and just entered into her second partnership with Zyrtec to develop allergy-friendly skin and makeup routines.

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Regardless of how many different roles she plays (in real life, too!), Debra always manages to keep one thing consistent: Her streamlined red carpet style that incorporates bold details like giant fur coats in wild colors, statement cocktail rings, and fun bags. So when we sat down to chat with the former star of “Will and Grace,” we asked her what she thinks makes bold accessories work.

“You just have to take a risk,” Messing tells StyleCaster. “I think if you dress very simply, you can pick one bold accessory, and I don’t think it will ever look bad or not work.”

Above all, she says, you have to really believe in what you’re doing. “You just have to feel confident in your taste, and be like, ‘I don’t care if no one else likes these, I like them, and I want to wear them and it makes me happy,'” she advises.  “It should be something that brings me joy and makes you feel like you’re creatively expressing yourself.”

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Click through the gallery above to see how Debra combines chic staple pieces with bold pieces!

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