Debi Mazar: Entourage Star Eliminated from DWTS and More.


Last night concluded another elimination on DWTS (Dancing With the Stars, c’mon people!), and this time our favorite take-no-bullshit Entourage star, Debi Mazar, was the one to get the boot. But there was no tearful departure like we’ve become so used to witnessing on other weekly reality-show dramadies–ahem, ANTM anyone?…Tyra Banks is officially the master at making girls cry (and shattering hopes and dreams). After Mazar’s elimination from the DWTS competition, she expressed gratitude for the experience, telling hosts Samantha Harris and Tom Bergeron that she was glad to have added some extra steps to her dancing repertoire and that she “loved every moment of it.” This means Mazar’s dance partner Maksim Chmerkovsky will also say sayonara to the show.

Former House Majority leader Tom DeLay will also be leaving DWTS, but voluntarily so. After dancing with twin stress fractures in his feet during Monday’s competition (despite urging by partner Cheryl Burke to give it a rest), DeLay announced Tuesday night that it was finally time to give it up. We commend your efforts, old man. This is already the third complication with injuries we’ve seen this season, after Mazar tore a muscle and Mya cut her hand before the show even premiered. Who will be next? Aaron Carter with a groin injury perhaps? However, something tells us the flexibility he gained during those boy band years may make him indestructible. Until next week!