Celebrity Death Pool: Find Out Who Made The Cut

Jessica Rubin

It might strike you as a little odd that people actually spend their time trying to predict which celebrities will die in the upcoming year. But when you’re looking for a way to procrastinate, this little death pool can be quite handy. And we definitely shared a giggle or two over the completely random choice of people predicted to bid the world adieu in 2012.

It was no big surprise that 10 lists believed that Charlie Sheen would meet his end this year — he’s entertaining, sure, but his behavior is coming from a deeply unhealthy place. Three lists believe the jig is up for Michael Lohan (who cares?) and George Michael is on there as well. Courtney Love was none too happy about her placement on the list (understandably) and naturally took to Twitter crying out, “every dammed year for 20 years im voted in the death pool BAD WAGER IDIOTS!”

No, we’re not going to place any of our hard-earned money on this particular pool, but we’ll definitely keep tracking the progress as more people join the game. Check out the entire list of bets here, and let us know if you agree with any of these rather somber predictions.

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