Dear Kylie Jenner, Ease Up on the Sexy Selfies (an Open Letter)

Dear Kylie Jenner,

How are you?? We saw you on the cover of Cosmopolitan—congrats!—and you must be excited about becoming an aunt again, we can’t wait to see pictures of baby Reign. Tell Kourtney it’s a great name, by the way.

So, we were checking out your Instagram yesterday, and think we need to chat about a couple of things. Because girl, you look lost.

First of all, this.

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@joycebonelli Secret Projects 🎉

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Look, we totally get that sexy selfies are a thing now, and that all your friends are doing it, but seeing this picture just made us a little bit sad for you.

Despite the fact that you’re barely scraping 17, you’re obviously really pushing hard to carve out a niche for yourself, and it seems that niche is oversexed Instagram photos.

Between the raunchy photos, dramatically changed beauty look (those lips, lady!), and hotted-up wardrobe, we can barely recognize the you against photos from just two years ago. Sure, it must be hard having a sister married to Kanye West, and another on a one-way street to becoming the next big supermodel of our era, but we’ve got three important words for you: What’s the rush?

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In case you haven’t seen this photo in a while, we dug up a snap from back in 2012. We bet you can see how dramatically your image has changed in just a couple of years—and not 100% naturally, either.

I mean look at this girl, she seems lovely–she seems like someone we’d like to get to know.

Kylie Jenner in 2012

Photo: Wenn

There’s no doubt that you’re getting older, and naturally want to look your best, but your haste to keep up with those headline-grabbing older sisters is doing absolutely zero good things for your image–and photos on the internet are forever. Kim can tell you about her experience with that when you’re a little older.

And sure, Kim might have the famous ass and the sexpot image right now, and Kendall is embarking on a spotlight-heavy career, but that doesn’t mean you need to make a shameless grab for publicity by hawking your sexuality online. Do you really need the attention that badly? Leave the ass selfies to your big sister, because your life shouldn’t be a race to the bottom (sorry about the pun) it should be a climb to the top.

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In your rush to be so adult you’re doing yourself a disservice. As the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner crew move towards a less-than-natural, always overdone aesthetic—which will only look more cartoonish as they age—you have every opportunity to end up the younger, cooler, natural sister in a couple of years. You’re the one with blue hair, for god’s sake.

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I love u 2

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Remember when Nicole Richie dumped former BFF Paris Hilton and broke away from her tacky, overtly sexual party girl look? Maybe you were too young at the time, but Richie subsequently became one of the coolest fashion girls on the planet with a thriving business, the cutest family ever, and a reputation as someone you take seriously.

You could be like Nicole! Don’t be Paris. No one ever wants to be Paris.

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promise to love you & obey & let you..

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Ky, you’re only 17 years old, and you’ve got the world at your feet, so give yourself some time to find your jam, grow up gracefully, and ease up on the raunchy selfies. For better or worse, you are a public figure, and have the opportunity to present yourself in better ways than an oversexed, fame-hungry party girl. In other words, you don’t have to be a 2015 version of Paris Hilton.