The Dead Weather Release Album Art


When I was little, I would leap from my thrown light switch in to my bed a solid five feet away (I’m a natural athlete) after watching a scary movie like Child’s Play, Scream, and/or Sleeping Beauty. It would take a solid two weeks of recovery before I could stand next to my bed without fear of something lurking beneath it.

Well, Jack White‘s new band The Dead Weather just released their album cover art and it’s going to take me until its release date to recover from how creeptastic the art is. In this picture, The Kills‘ Allison Mosshart who also sings with The Dead Weather reminds me of the girl from The Ring if she combed her hair (Aww see! Now I can see your pretty face!).

Horehound will be out July 14th and the Dead Weather will be playing Terminal 5 in New York on July 16th. Click here for the full tour deatils.