DC Comics’ Baddest Ladies Inspire Chic Shoe Collection

Jessica Rubin

Among the fashion know-it-alls, celebrity enthusiasts and make-up geeks in the StyleCaster offices, there are one or two unsuspecting comic book fans who quietly pine for Comic Con and live for cool hybrid collaborations that bring style and the super-chic together hand-in-hand.

French fashion designer Andre must be part fashionista/part comic book nerd, ’cause he took two badass comic ladies and commemorated them with a whole line of shoes. Of course we’re talking about DC ComicsCatwoman and Wonder Woman — you know, gals who kick butt and look freakin’ awesome while doing it.

For now, the shoes are only available in Europe and cost between119 and 159 euros, or $164-$220. Consisting of amazing red boots, the perfect oxfords and cute-as-a-button flats, we’re just biding our time until these comic-worthy shoes make it over to our side of the pond.

You can check out more pics of Andre’s shoe collection at Huffington Post. Let us know which pair you can’t wait to get your hands on!