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Here’s the skinny: Polo Ralph Lauren is breaking into mobile commerce or “m-commerce.”  The company is incorporating Quick Response Technology codes in its ads, mailers and store windows, which potential shoppers can scan and download onto their camera phones. Once scanned, the site m.ralphlauren.com allows a mobile phone user to enter the world of Ralph Lauren. Just like any other site, shoppers will be prompted to enter credit card information and billing and shipping address. The nice people at Polo are even offering complimentary standard shipping. Sweet.

Personally, I’m not 100% sure how quickly I will adapt to this new way of purchase, but I do give Polo props for trying to make my life easier. Shopping while screaming the fastest directions to my next destination in a cabbie? This all makes sense since I use my Blackberry as a GPS, social network tool, little black book, and favorite hand accessory, right?