A Day in the Life: Timo Weiland


Meeting Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein in their offices in New York City’s garment district, their energy cuts right through the gloomy rain outside. In the middle of a sea of sketches, swatches of vibrant silks, and walls covered with inspiration boards, the two young designers show off their collection of neckwear, the foundation of their line, named after Timo himself.

Together they share an insatiable capacity for inspiration, an endless love for their work, and infectious smiles–then in walks Milen Krastev and things get a little more serious. “He’s a master tailor; he does everything we don’t send to Martin Greenfield,” says Timo of Krastev’s work. Greenfield is known for his work tailoring suits for a few names you might recognize including, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Paul Newman. And with Weiland’s designs so focused on perfect fit and detailed shapes from every pleat to pintuck, you know you are in good hands with Krastev.

Next in walks Donna Kang, the consultant and stylist for the line. Kang’s high waisted jeans and contrasting plaid coat and shirt betray her creative role with the company, but hide her more businesslike side. “She is very organized, which we love. She is so reliable, but she is also an incredible designer,” Timo says of the newest member of his team. Credit her talents, including embroidery, hand packing, and chiffon ruching to years spent at Carolina Herrera.

At an appointment with Giovanni Turchet of Edit, the team looks over fabrics for their Fall 2010 season including a special silk, sheer jacquard, with iridescent threads woven through it. “It’s THE fabric,” says Timo. “We’re going to be using it for our new evening dresses.”

After a quick lunch at Soho’s Café Select, the team heads to appointments in their home base of sorts, their press office, Maguire Steele. With their publicist, Megan Maguire Steele, they meet with Danielle Nachmani, a star stylist who is looking at the collection for some of her clients who include Rachel Zoe and the Olsens. “Megan does an amazing job for us. With her, we sit down and create goals and she makes them happen. We had a goal to meet with Vogue and that was recently realized. We met with top editors over lunch, then had a formal meeting in their office,” Timo says of the meeting in which Meredith Melling Burke pulled clothes on the spot.

From there, they run to Parlor Showroom, who handles their sales and then to a meeting with their web developer. The new timoweiland.com launches this month with a very Dada, surrealist look from the expert fashion web designer, Matthew Daniel Siskin. “The navigation of the site lets you throw it like an iPhone or wander through almost on a Yellow Brick Road,” Timo explains.

Fully into preparing only their second women’s collection, the creative trio behind the brand Timo Weiland is well on their way to discovering that when it comes to the fashion industry, this place feels very much like home.

Take a look at Timo Weiland’s Spring 2010 collection.


All photos taken by Mark Iantosca