David Bromstad’s Collaboration With Kipling is the Luggage You’ve Been Waiting For

thumbnail (1)Full disclosure: When it comes to travel, I spend a ridiculous amount of time stressing over what clothes to pack, which products are TSA-approved, and—don’t judge—celebrities’ airport style when I need a quick hit of inspiration, but rarely do I pay attention to what I pack in. I’ve been using the same snoozy, hyper-masculine black-and-gray wheelie since I was in college, and let me tell you—it’s a process identifying that POS at baggage claim.

Which is why I was particularly excited when I got the chance to sit down with David Bromstad, the charmingly genuine interior designer and HGTV star who’s recently teamed up with beloved bag brand Kipling for a spot-on vintage-inspired collection of travel pieces.

And if you think the two are a marriage of convenience, think again: Bromstad’s bread and butter is the use of vibrant, cheerful color and we all know Kipling from the playful monkeys affixed to each bag and lighthearted approach to accessories (their motto’s even “Kipling Make Happy.”)

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Turns out, it was Bromstad—who travels nearly a million miles domestically every year for his various TV commitments—who actually approached the bag brand on his own after a particularly frustrating incident at the airport.

“I was sitting waiting for my luggage—of course it was black—and the stress of [locating it] was too much. I sent an email to my agent right then and said let’s contact Kipling,” adding “They’re all about color and pattern and fabulousness.”

For its part, Kipling was interested but made the designer sing for his supper by having him create a presentation outlining his vision—one that Bromstad said was made up mostly of hand-drawn sketches of designs inspired by stacked grand steamer trunks and destination travel stamps—and the rest is history.

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The capsule is made up of ten styles in three bold prints, including lightweight wheelie suitcases, soft luggage, backpacks, and smaller everyday necessities like dop kits waist packs, and range in price from $69 to $549.

While speaking of travel, I naturally couldn’t help but ask where Bromstad would jet off to right now, given the chance.

“Bora Bora” he said, without hesitation. “All I want is a hut on the water.” #Same.

The David Bromstad x Kipling Collection is available in Kipling retail stores, online at Kipling USA, and at select Macy’s and specialty stores.

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Photos courtesy of Kipling