David Beckham Will No Longer Model Underwear, He’ll Design

Jessica Hoppe
David Beckham Will No Longer Model Underwear, He’ll Design
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Move over Posh — there’s a new designer in the Beckham family!

David Beckham, international futbol star/hearthrob is moving on from being a knickers model (he has been the face, er body of Emporio Armani for four seasons now) to a long john designer.

The good news is he has the perfect advisor in his wife who’s foray into fashion has been met with great success and critical acclaim. Victoria’s eponymous curve-hugging frocks have become a red carpet go-to for many celebrities that totally heart her cutting-edge style.

Perhaps David will be taking a cue from Left Field who just launched a line of specialty undergarments for men which features long johns. His new line, Choctaw Ridge, which will be available at Barney’s next season, includes “proper” thermals and quality-made basics.

Could this be the new men’s version of lingerie? David Beckham certainly thinks so. He tells People magazine,”I sometimes wear them to go to sleep — they’re very cool.”

Long johns, tightie whities, nothing at all…we’ll take Becks anyway we can get him.

Check out Choctaw Ridge’s lookbook above.

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