Why David Beckham Will Provide The Best (Only?) Reason To Watch The Super Bowl This Year

Julie Gerstein

We honestly can’t get enough of David Beckham, especially when he’s dressed in his skivvies and showing off his amazing body. Good thing, then, that he’ll be obliging us by doing just that in a new Super Bowl ad for H&M, to air during the game’s February 2 broadcast. The ad will feature H&M’s newest bodywear collaboration with Beckham, and here’s the coolest part: You’ll be able to buy the clothes right off Beckham’s back from your television.

memo beckham Why David Beckham Will Provide The Best (Only?) Reason To Watch The Super Bowl This Year

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There is a catch, though: In order to buy the goods, you must have one of  Samsung’s smart TVs. The technology was developed by a company called Delivery Agent, and when the commercial airs, a small window will pop up in the corner of the screen allowing users to either send information to another device (like a laptop) or purchase the items directly. The ad’s interactive capabilities will still be active even if you watch it on your DVR.

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H&M has also partnered with Delivery Agent to create what they’re calling a t-commerce (presumably short for television commerce) boutique on its ShopTV app and web, mobile, and tablet devices.

The H&M ad is the first of its kind.

What do you think of this technology? Will you be watching the Super Bowl? Let us know below!