David Beckham: Armani Days Are Over, Looks to Launch Underwear Line


This exact photo may or may not be hanging up on our bedroom walls right now. And while we’d like to replace it every season with a newly inappropriate yet delicious come-hither Beckham Emporio Armani ad, this will be our last, considering Becks plans to end his contract with the underwear brand this year. Why would Becks do this to us, you ask? Don’t cry yet, dear SC readers.

Talk is circulating that our beloved football star (yes, football–we sorta kinda wish we were British) plans to launch his own tightie whitie line. So, perhaps he will become the face of his own brand instead? We totally understand–I mean, posing for two competing underwear designers’ ad campaigns could be quite the conflict of interest, let alone confusing for the consumer (though we wouldn’t mind the extra eye candy).

Apparently Beckham‘s face, or perhaps his abs, doubled Emporio Armani’s sales to over $30 million last year. We can’t imagine a worthy replacement, but we’ll be holding our breath to see what the future of the brand holds.