Dating Reaches New Low With

Jessica Hoppe

Guys, dating can be a pretty cutthroat game and the consensus is there’s no such thing as full disclosure — onlystaring contests via text, Facebook picture posts and cryptic tweets. Obviously it cuts both ways, but bravado has a way of making men do the strangest things we women wouldn’t even consider. You know, like signing up for, a new texting service that promises to rid you of your single status.

TheHuffington Post reports the geeks over promise to give you the fullCindy Mancini faux girlfriend treatment (Can’t Buy Me Love, hello!)”Because you don’t want to look lame.” (And bylame they mean genuinely interested or potentially vulnerable in the eyes of your mom and entire male network of friends.)

Instead, just employ their services and haveyour pretend girlfriend text and call with a pre-recorded message (because having an operator pretend to be your girlfriend isn’t lame, right?).MSNBC’s Digital Life tells us how it works:

“All you need to do is save the Fake Girlfriend number into your phone under her fictitious name. Then, when you’re out with friends or a woman you’re trying to make jealous, just text that number. You’ll shortly get a text and then apre-recorded call.”

For now founderRicky Robinett is offering his geek-to-chic services for free although it doesn’t include a real-life person. But it could be worth giving it a try since a recent study published inthe Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found a woman’s attraction to a man almost doubled when they were told he was taken.

So I suppose it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re trying to con a few innocent girls into your bed then play on, playa. But if you really want a partner it’s probably best not to begin a relationship with a lie…at least not one that resembles an 80s teen comedy starring Patrick Dempsey.