Dating Advice: Unattached? 5 Reasons You’ll Be Thankful You’re Single During the Holidays


From smug couples holding hands on every street corner (the nerve!) to grandma and her mahjong group’s unrelenting quest to find you a husband, it’s easy to get down about your single status during the holidays. But rather than spending your nights at home, swigging cheap wine from the bottle as you sob through A Very Brady Christmas…you can happily embrace the fun and freedom that comes with flying solo. Here’s why:

1. Game On

It happened to Bridget Jones…and it could happen to you. A dreaded New Year’s “turkey curry buffet” just might lead to true love with a successful human rights lawyer, complete with romantic snowy make-out session on a charming London street. So what if you live in New Jersey! Point is–holiday soirees are bursting with potential for single gals, because you never know who you’ll meet under the mistletoe. Flirt, have fun, and for goodness sakes, don’t snub a guy just because he’s wearing a sweater with a reindeer on it. You may be destined to teach him a thing or two about style.

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2. It’s Only Half the Family Drama

Dealing with one family during the holidays is hard enough (especially since Mom discovered Apple Martinis and Dad took up bird watching); so thank your lucky stars you don’t have to take on two. Your time will come to reap the “joy” of in-laws, and you’ll long for the familiar version of “crazy” you’ve endured your whole life.

3. It’s All About You

Another perk is that you get to call the shots on your schedule. You can be a girl about town every night of the week, or stay in and watch A Christmas Story eight times in a row on TBS. A Snuggie is perfect for one…creepy for two.

4. You’ll Save Money

We’re in a recession people…the money you won’t spend on your non-boyfriend could save you some serious cash (or be put towards that amazing bag you’ve had your eye on). You may end up meeting the guy you’ll eventually have to buy gifts for at a holiday bash, but at least you’ll start saving early for next year!

5. It’s the Perfect Time to Treat Yourself

You don’t need a dude to shower you with presents. (Plus, most guys are pretty clueless in the gift giving department anyways; “A Homer Simpson Chia Pet? You shouldn’t have, really!”) ‘Tis the season to treat yourself to a day at the spa, a weekend getaway with the girls, or those boots you just can’t possibly live another day without.

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So, don’t think you have to survive the holidays because you’re single. Party hop, shop ’till you drop, spend quality time with the people you love…and laugh it off if your immature brother gets you a “boyfriend in a box.” Because when it comes down to it, a great holiday season has nothing to do with having a “plus one” at the company party.