Dating Advice: The Top 5 iPhone Apps for Your Love Life


We all love our iPhone apps that keep us amused or keep us connected. I credit ExitStrategy for making me sure that I know exactly where to stand at the subway to make my commute extra-efficient. But what apps work for us to make us most effective in our dating lives? Several have come out that will make you the best dater possible, all within reach of a touch screen.

Black Book: For only $2.99, the serial dater in all of us can finally know who “Brian Hall5oween” is when he finally calls after two weeks of phone silence. Described as “a contact list on steroids,” where you can keep visual list of your contacts and easily enter information beyond the standard phone number, like Twitter name and email. Because you don’t always recognize the name you drunkenly entered in your phone after a few days.


Date ‘em or Dump ‘em: For the gal who loved playing MASH in the grade school days, comes a $.99 app that will give you advice from five different gurus; nerd, jock, cheerleader, theater boy, and cupid. Enter a few questions about your current crush or the couple of boys that are on your roster and you’ll get a fortune and some advice on your best next step. It’s just as reliable as shaking a magic 8 ball, but with better commentary.


Date check: “Now more than ever people are in situations where they are meeting complete strangers.” You’re telling me, Date Check app description. For the girl who has to protect herself, comes an app that will search public records for the dude you just met at a bar and give you a one line summary of whether or not this guy is a sleaze from an address, phone number, or even a name. This includes criminal records, living situation, and any social networking site. Warning: you are officially using your phone to be a stalker. It’s creepy. Almost as creepy as the guy’s Myspace page you just found.


Date Smart: Stuck in a rut? For only $1.99, Date Smart will figure out a date activity for you based on three event categories. Enter the date type (first date, special, casual), atmosphere (adventurous, novel, cultural), and price level to find out what you and your love interest will be doing tonight. Just be sure to take it with a grain of salt if it suggests Olive Garden for a mid-priced, casual, dining night. You can be more creative that that even without your iPhone.


Girlfriend Keeper: A brilliant free app to make sure boys don’t mess up what they have going on. Guys who have never been able to remember a birthday, anniversary, or even the color of their girlfriend’s eyes can now enter all pertinent information and have the app take care of the rest. It sends out affectionate messages based on the schedule the owner to puts in to your loved one, so that she knows you (i.e.: your phone) cares. However, how helpful can it be for your phone to send the same text message about your girl’s beautiful blue eyes at 2:54 every day based on your schedule? I think she’ll figure it out pretty quickly.

With all the dating you’ll be doing through these apps, you’re going to need an outfit. Don’t forget to download the StyleCaster app to make sure you have the perfect look for the occasion!